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Biografia de Maria de la Lastra

For the last twenty years I have worked restoring antique furniture and
objects. This has given me know-how on dyes, glues, sandpaper,varnish
and polish, as well as the technique for handling bone, tortoiseshell,
ivory, coral, horn, laminated metals, alabaster and celluloid.

Some of the fans I have restored are real works of art. I'm surprised there
haven't been innovations in such a precious object, while hats, gloves,
shoes and jewelry have evolved along its course offering new designs.

The knowledge I have gathered in my profession and the love I feel for
the fans, have inspired me to explore new ideas: in some I develop sce-
nographies; in others I play with shapes; I personalize them per request,
and in some of them I hide a little secret.

I would love to bring back this ornament to female and masculine
clothing. It would be fun to recreate the language of the fan.